Thursday, January 3, 2013

Be my parent, not my friend

Dear Mom and Dad,
Even though I balk at your rules please don't take them away. I need the structure that you provide. Please don't let me just do whatever I want whenever I want. I'm not old enough yet to know what's best for me even though I think I do. Deep down, I know that I still need your care and support. So please, step up to the plate and be my parent. Don't try to be my friend. And I'm not going to like you all of the time, so please deal with that. Don't give in to my ridiculous requests just so that I'll like you. You see, it won't make me like you more. It will make me respect you less. And while, in the moment I'll be psyched that I get to stay out past midnight or do whatever I want after school or watch as much TV as I want, deep down I'll wonder why you don't care more to put some rules in place. I'll wonder if you really love me because if you did, you'd show it with the structure that provides the safety net that I need.
I don't need another friend. I need a parent.
With Love,
Your Child

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